In the future, purpose driven businesses will arise to tackle the most significant challenge of our time. Climate Change. Businesses are a driving force when it comes to envisioning our future. BUT. Technology is infinite. Our planet’s resources are not.

This is why we have created Expansion.eco.

Expansion.eco is the missing link between the endless possibilities of our time and the urgent need to act now. We help purpose driven companies to expand faster and better with the right tools.


Our team is located in Amsterdam and Berlin. We work with experts all over Germany to ensure all required knowledge for your succesful market entry. Also, we have dedicated partners in many countries of Europe.



We are supporters of the Sustainable Development Goals and on our way to become a certified B Corporation.

Goal 12, ‘responsible consumption and production’, of the Sustainable Development Goals is at the focus of our attention. We work actively every day to contribute to this goal.


“Decoupling economic growth from resource use is one of the most critial and complex challenges facing humanity today. Doing so effectively will require policies that create a conducive environment for such change, social and physical infrastructure and markets, and a profound transformation of business practices along global value chains.”

Read the report here: The Sustainable Development Goals Report 2018


We speak 6 languages and are located in Amsterdam & Berlin.
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