Getting Seepje’s sustainable detergents fit for German market within 6 weeks

Getting Seepje’s sustainable detergents fit for German market within 6 weeks.

Project Case

ClientSeepje B.V.

Project Duration6 Weeks

Applied ServicesSniff Test, Acceptance Test

Dutch company Seepje is a purpose-driven producer of sustainable detergents. Well established in BeNeLux, Seepje had the opportunity to grow it’s business in Germany. For a year their dishwashing liquids were exclusively sold at organic retailer Alnatura. Now a deal with drugstore giant DM was within reach but Seepje’s product portfolio had a big issue.


One of their two scents was a non-seller in Germany.

Seepje started their expansion to Germany on their own. An exclusive contract with the organic supermarket Alnatura enabled them to put their dishwashing liquid into shelves.

Seepje dish detergents

That year at Alnatura, Seepje’s dishwashing liquids were available with the two fragrances “Erfrischender Limetten Duft” (lime) and “Belebender Zitrus Duft” (grapefruit). While the lime scent was popular, the latter hardly sold. It was time to understand why grapefruit did not sell and to replace it with a more appealing scent to the German consumer.


A sniff test and an acceptance test brought interesting data.

We went to markets and other places where we found our precisely defined target group. More than 260 people took the test and were excited to participate.

Seepje In Market Acceptance Test Stand
seepje In-Market Acceptance Test Sniff Test Participants

Our in-market research was a mix of qualitative interviews on the street and quantitative research in the form of online surveys. Out of the vast data we gathered 20+ key insights.

“Based on the results of the research we were able to exchange a scent. We also gained some interesting thinking points on our other products.”
Gwendolyn von Seepje
Gwendolyn Behnke
Seepje Country Manager Germany


A clear basis for decision making emerged.

The sniff test yielded a clear winner: Cucumber – Aloe Vera and gave the opportunity for Seepje to make the needed decisions regarding their German product portfolio.

Within the acceptance test, the name of the product, the brand name for Germany, the packaging design and labeling were fed back. The data gave clear indications for each matter. Now, Seepje knows what to replace the non-seller with and how to market it.

DM Shopping helped to make the right decisions for Seepje´s continuing journey to the German market. After only 6 weeks of the project, Seepje had clear recommendations for action at hand and was good to go with German drug store DM.

“With we had a strong partner as ‘feet on the ground’ and felt a lot of trust towards their methods and findings.”
Gwendolyn von Seepje
Gwendolyn Behnke
Seepje Country Manager Germany


Case Studies


WakaWaka is a B Corporation based in the Netherlands with the mission to provide sustainable energy access for all. For the German market launch, was responsible for all trade marketing related matters and provided content management and creation.

Content Management and Creation, Trade Marketing
Moyee Coffee

An excerpt of: Market Trend Report: Solar Energy, Devices and Gadgets in Germany


If you’re going for cuteness, the stuff in the home is the place to go. It’s really kind of cool to have solar panels on your roof. But if you’re really interested in the energy problem, it’s those big things in the desert.”, said Bill Gates in an interview in 2011.

7 years later we think there are massive opportunities for end consumer solar brands, especially in Germany. It is quite a hot topic with lots of ground still to be covered! We took a closer look at Germany´s solar market and found a few striking facts about its current state and projected developments. Germany’s conceives itself as a “solar market”. The high consumer demand for renewable energy continues to drive growth in this segment.

Drivers for Future Growth of Solar Power

There are two main drivers that determine the future growth of solar power in Germany:

  1. Rise of electro mobility: More than 90 percent of the German households planning to buy an electric car intend to invest in photovoltaic panels within the next two years.
  2. Falling prices for solar thermal energy storage: The amount of solar thermal energy storage installed in German households more than doubled since 2015.

Innovative technologies and lower costs will further strengthen the position of solar energy not only on the energy market but also in the minds of end consumers.

This growth has been very significant in recent years:

  • Energy from renewable energy sources increased from 3.4 percent in 1990 to 27.4 percent in 2014.
  • The share of solar energy generated through photovoltaics increased from 0,1 percent in 2003 to 6,1 percent in 2017.
  • Share of photovoltaics in gross electricity generation in Germany in the years 2002 to 2017



Further reading on our Blog: Market Trend Report: Solar Energy, Devices and Gadgets in Germany


Market Opportunity for End Consumer Solar Brands in Germany

Compared to this pronounced market trend, the market for solar powered devices and gadgets as an alternative to conventional electric consumer goods is arguably underdeveloped. This implies huge potential for end consumer brands to trigger a trend that will initiate a mindshift towards buying solar powered devices that align with the increasing green mentality of Germans. The potential especially lies in branding, communications and marketing as you can’t find many sources dedicated to structure the end consumer market. No blogs, no market size estimations, no mainstream trend – overall only scarce information, a big knowledge gap a new brand can claim in future for successful positioning.

Our client's concept about our work

Screenshot 2020-05-14 at 20.14.55 provides an invaluable outside-in view and energy for both our commercial and marketing success in Germany. I appreciate their always proactive approach and unremitting efforts to think of new ideas that help us to move forward fast and efficient.

Camille van Gestel
Founder - WakaWaka
Screenshot 2020-05-14 at 20.16.17

What makes a great partner is that they relentlessly share all their knowledge with us. Their expertise on marketing, social media, public relations and the connecting network between both countries and the sustainability field is a clear advantage.

Ali Azimi
Founder - Kind of Blau
Screenshot 2020-05-14 at 20.20.41 has provided us with detailed market research insights that helped to build management team discussions. The drive for positive impact and relevant business knowledge make a like minded and credible business partner for us.

Leonoor den Ottolander
Strategic Account Manager - GoodUp