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Strategies for sustainable companies to enter the German market

We give you a digest of the accumulated knowledge on market entry
Retail Business

The Potential of B Corp for Retail in Germany

Read about the virtual panel discussion on innovation in retail, the role

The Word of Mouth Effect, a marketing strategy for Impact Brands to reach German Millennials

How the Word of Mouth Effect can bring fast results for impact
Image of wise woman

3 Steps To Fail Faster During Your Market Entry By Analysing Your Target Group

Using target group analyse methods to focus MVPs and tests during a

Expansion to Germany: Why Berlin Is Not The Best Place to Start in Germany

If you are considering to expand into Germany, Berlin as Germany’s capital

Successful Market Entry to Germany: How these 3 Beverage Brands made it happen

Ever wondered how beverage brands enter the German market successfully? It is

The Do’s and Don’ts of Doing Business in Germany

Germany has the largest population, market and economy in the EU. The

Developing a Market Entry Strategy for Germany: Compound Impact in Action

Compound interest is the outcome of interest on top of interest, the

When to export again? Now!

Now that some countries are emerging from the three months of pause

Germans are switching to a plant-based diet and becoming “Flexitarians”

Corona has had a severe impact on people's lives and their shopping
Corner shops are run by locals and give a sense of community to the neighbourhood.

The return of the corner shop – a personal account

What we know as “Spätis” and “Tante Emma Läden” in Germany are

The most relevant Food Trends in Germany 2020: the year of COVID-19

In this article, we outline 4 major trends that have actually accelerated

Food delivery services in Germany realise a peak since the Covid19 outbreak: Time to think about reusable packaging

Food delivery services quickly realised their advantage in these times of social

German Businesses might recover faster from the Corona crisis

The German Government seems to deal with the pandemic in a quick,

German Consumers: Gaining Brand Loyalty through proper Brand Building (Part 2/2)

Understanding the German consumer is key to success, if you plan to

German consumers: Highly Demanding but also brand loyal (Part 1/2)

High expectations and a low frustration limit are only two of the

Expansion to Germany in 3 steps – The key to enter the German market

If you are reading this, you might think that it is time

Changing the way of international expansion

Our demand: abolish the coffee tax, that is still prevailing in Germany,

The most relevant food trends in Germany 2019: Sustainability, health and time management

Food trends are permanently evolving and boosting the change of our global

From Business Idea to Business Activism – 18 months

Eventually, we founded our consultancy (that time we named our company

Expert Interview: Katharina Wagner from Spoonful Solution about the German F&B (food & beverage) market

Our today’s interview partner is Katharina Wagner, Founder and Branding & Communications

Payment methods in Germany: choose wisely!

Choosing the right payment methods in Germany for your online business is

International Expansion: The One Step You are Probably Not Thinking Of

Before you start executing the strategy you devised based on your knowledge

Messeland Deutschland – Which Events and Trade Shows Should You not Miss This Quarter

Germany remains a trade fair country – even in the age of

German Packaging Act – the most important facts at a glance

Did you know that businesses failing to comply with the new packaging

How Expansion Intelligence Fuels Your International Rollout Plan

Expansion Intelligence helps you save a lot of time and resources, make

Mega Trend Sustainability: How We Create Value in the Future

We move away from creating value for shareholders – often at the

Fact Scan #6 The Confirmation Trap in Revenue Planning (Part 2/2)

The worst that can happen is that you have to completely back

Fact Scan #5 The Confirmation Trap in Market Research (Part 1/2)

In business, there are situations in which we are prone to fall

Public Funding Programs for Green and Social Businesses in Berlin

There are many options to go for, especially in Berlin as the

Fact Scan #4: Germans Hate Uncertainty

Germany put focus on a systematic overview, which involves a proper thought

Is Technology the Key to a Green Economy?

What do the countries heading the ranking exactly do differently? One aspect

Fact Scan #3: Most Germans speak little or no English

Still, the Germans and their English proficiency – although evolving – is

Germans are the Most Complicated Customers in the World

Germans customers are the most complicated in the world. It’s not without

What You Want to Know About the Sustainable Fashion Market in Germany

For new sustainable fashion brands planning to enter Germany, there are a

German Consumers Seek For Trust Before Purchasing

In marketing, the influence of the factor “trust” on purchasing decisions always

Market Trend Report #1: Solar Energy, Devices and Gadgets in Germany

We took a closer look at Germany´s solar market and found a

Kickstart your Business in Germany

Entering a new market can be difficult, but if we take the

The Ethical Consumer – 5 Steps to Market Your Sustainable Brand

Sociologists discovered the “attitude-behaviour gap” describing consumers saying one thing but doing

The Challenge of Sustainability in Business

This is the summary of our 5-piece series that elaborated on different

How to Increase the Odds for a Positive Triple Bottom Line

Purpose-driven companies going for the “triple bottom line” not only care about

Insights from the 38th Climate Reality Project Leadership Training in Berlin

I felt honored but at the same time had some doubts regarding

The Dilemma of the UN’s Sustainability Goals

This is a huge achievement besides being one of the most significant

The Impact of the Unconscious Consumer

We constantly ask ourselves: how much measurable impact do we actually make?