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The most relevant Food Trends in Germany 2020: the year of COVID-19

In this article, we outline 4 major trends that have actually accelerated through the current pandemic throughout Europe and also Germany, but might stay long after the crisis has peaked.

Food delivery services in Germany realise a peak since the Covid19 outbreak: Time to think about reusable packaging

Food delivery services quickly realised their advantage in these times of social distancing, and adjusted to ‘non-contact delivery’. Around the globe, food delivery companies are releasing a spike in sales since the outbreak of Covid19.

German Businesses might recover faster from the Corona crisis

The German Government seems to deal with the pandemic in a quick, radical and alternative way: On April 6 Economy Minister Peter Altmaier unveiled a program aimed at fast-tracking loans to Germany’s Mittelstand, the backbone of Europe’s largest economy, with unlimited guarantees covering 100% of their credit risk.

German Consumers: Gaining Brand Loyalty through proper Brand Building (Part 2/2)

Understanding the German consumer is key to success, if you plan to expand into the German market. This includes knowing who you will be dealing with. What is their culture, and how does it influence consumer behaviour?

German consumers: Highly Demanding but also brand loyal (Part 1/2)

High expectations and a low frustration limit are only two of the factors that make it very hard to meet halfway. So you better go the extra mile.

Expansion to Germany in 3 steps – The key to enter the German market

If you are reading this, you might think that it is time for your business to cross borders, and start up in Germany.

By working with us, we can reach your goals in a short distance.