Before you set up your business in the new market, hire a country manager or invest in marketing,
we validate your expansion strategy through an expansion pilot.
The pilot project will make sure that assumptions are tested the leanest way possible.
For this target we leverage our partner network, provide our best practices and hands-on, entrepreneurial approach to the execution of sales and marketing activities

The expansion pilot will make sure that your strategy is reiterated and your business case
is validated so you can enter the new market with confidence.




Examples of Questions


  • Do I need local partners, i.e. for localization?
  • What is the best approach to test the business pitch?
  • Who are my customers?
  • Are my assumptions, i.e. turnover projection, correct?
  • Which barriers and obstacles do I have to overcome before that I didn’t think of before?
  • Which adjustments in my service or product do I have to make to achieve product-market-fit?

Examples of Tasks


  • Find local partners with good reputation and access to the market.
  • Cold call or initiate sales funnel to schedule face-to-face meetings.
  • Iterate on potential target groups and refine buyer personas for future marketing activities.
  • Gain first customers for product feedback and make necessary adaptions to the product or service.
  • Reassess the business case and refine calculations.
  • Adapt the entry strategy accordingly.

Examples of Challenges


  • Without local partners, gaining market access takes time and patience.
  • Limited knowledge about the proven ways to feed the sales funnel, i.e. in Germany cold calling is not effective).
  • Differences in culture can lead to uncertainties and add unknown variables, i.e. business practices, expectations, conventions.
  • High probability to miss out on new laws and their implications, i.e. GDPR
  • Less confidence throughout the decision making process due to fragmented market overview.


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