Feet on the Ground


When you are in the process of discovering if the German market is worth its while, you need the capacities to do whatever is needed, without setting up a whole team. 

That´s where we come in. 

Besides our core services, finding “Product Market Fit” and executing the “Expansion Pilot” for a tailor made Expansion Strategy, we help with:

  • Set up & Incorporation

    • Representation of your company in Germany 

    • Team Setup & HR related matters

    • Legal support (we have partners for the advice, we help with the process)

    • Logistics & Distribution

  • (Trade) Marketing & Sales

    • Unlimited access to our German network

    • All-round Marketing & Sales Support

    • Content creation + social media management

    • Copywriting

    • PR related activities, such as writing and distributing of press releases

    • Trade Show Organization

    • Prospecting & Matchmaking

Our mission is simple: we´d like to help you make better decisions in bringing your products and services to market for a more successful businesses, and happier customers.

Why better decisions?

80% of businesses fail at growing. Be it startups that scale, seasoned companies that launch new products or that decide to enter new markets. Growing a business is and has been a challenging process full of bias.

Let’s learn from the past to create the future.