Digital Project Manager, partly remote, freelance

About us helps businesses succeed in new markets and provide a solid foundation for their expansion plans, on a national and international level.

We are now looking for a digital project manager that can assist us in our various projects, for clients and ourselves.

Every day, our clients trust and rely on our services to market and sell their sustainable products cross borders. We are these company’s voice and the extended arm in unexplored territories. Claiming expertise in strategic marketing and business development for conscious companies means helping them to grow, their profit and first and foremost their positive impact on the people and the planet.

We differentiate ourselves with providing practical solutions that are ready for implementation. Apart from our many years of hands-on experiences in marketing, business development and sales, we provide value through market based insights. Markets change constantly and even faster nowadays which means we need to keep up with the trends. The best way to do that is through conversations with experts, market research and consumer surveys. As we connect the dots, we can identify and act on strategies that meet the markets (maybe even future) needs. This is what we do on a regular basis.

The strategies we devise always encompass a certain degree of digital marketing. Besides the work for clients we are also following our own marketing strategy that needs to be developed further and executed accordingly.

About You

As a freelance Digital Project Manager at you are responsible for your own client projects and the overall online marketing strategy of the firm.

You want to make an impact, which means you want to be disruptive, bold and make a change. Also you have the drive and energy to make that happen. Things you have never done before do not frighten you. You have organizational skills, are responsible and prefer to work from “anywhere” rather than in a fixed office. 

You turn your head for everything that has to do with online and digital. Creative is your middle name and you dream of conversions and traffic? Of course. You speak German, English and SEO fluently. Knowledge of the Dutch language is an interesting bonus but certainly not a must.

As a digital native you know a lot about Google Search Console and Adwords and are familiar with the different advertising options of Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Maybe you consider yourself as a little geek even and don´t mind diving into the different analysis systems from time to time.

In a nutshell you will

  • Develop and execute a solid SEO strategy
  • Develop and execute digital campaigns
  • Create stellar content that works across multiple channels for and their clients
  • Develop and manage the editorial calendar
  • Organize, store and share knowledge
  • Have an eye on reporting and analytics
  • Do market research from time to time

What we find important:

  • You are proactive, fun and enjoy work.
  • You prefer to come up with own ideas instead of following orders
  • You learn quickly
  • You know your way around social media and understand its importance for Marketing
  • You are disciplined and do not need an office to strive
  • You have your own laptop
  • You can start as soon as possible
  • You speak English, German and preferably a good command of Dutch

Perks + Practicalities

  • Make the world a little better and use business as a force for good
  • Work in a growing business with a lot of creative freedom
  • Work from Berlin, Amsterdam or anywhere else in the world
  • 10 hours a week
  • Hourly rate of €47 (VAT excluded)
Application process

  • If all of the above sounds interesting to you we would love you to fill out a survey for us, instead of sending us your motivation.
  • If we see a match according to your answers we will call you back, otherwise you will receive an e-mail (don´t forget to fill in your phone number)
  • After that we will invite you for a personal meeting.


We speak 6 languages and are located in Amsterdam & Berlin.
Get in touch! We are ready to answer your questions.