Our solutions for international expansion are based on three pillars:

In order to investigate your target markets in an effective and valuable way, we have developed a two-step framework:
in the first step we validate the product-market fit, in which we spend a lot of time out in the market. In doing so, we talk to consumers, experts, entrepreneurs, explore distribution and supply chains and research route-to-market information and potential partners. We then evaluate the results and check whether the product meets the requirements for the market and whether adjustments may be necessary.

In the second step we carry out clearly defined pilot projects in which the products are, amongst others, sold to the target group. In this way, we help to determine the potential even more accurately and help to identify further hurdles early on in a risk reduced environment and prepare the subsequent market entry.

This stage also serves as the basis for the actual marketing strategy development of the expansion project on the basis of solid figures and tangible insights.

Our Value Delivery Approach for the PMF-Pilot


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