Simply put: Product-Market Fit is when people sell for you.

As with every product launching into a new target market, ensuring Product-Market Fit is an essential requirement for market entry success. Be it for a new channel, a new target group or a new geography. Product-Market Fit is our specialty. We know, you have a great product and are successful in your home market. But do you also offer a great product for consumers in Germany? This, we will find out in a hands-on manner. We put our feet on the ground and roll up our sleeves. We visit stores, talk to people, activate our network and last but not least, sell your product. Maybe, at the end, we will tell you to take a step back and rethink market entry to Germany but more likely we will show you what it really takes for you to obtain Product-Market Fit.

How Do We Do It? Feet on the ground!

We put our feet on the ground. Literally. In the past, we proved that this approach to market entry is state-of-the-art. The reason is simple: online data, statistics, all sorts of quantitative information will not cut it. They are not inspiring, not proving anything and above all, they are not actionable

Our program is designed in two subsequent action blocks: the product-market fit validation and the actual pilot. Both will serve to lay the foundation for your market entry strategy. This way, your strategy is not just an abstract document but actually tangible. That is our job. 

Numbers, data, statistics – we take them seriously but we don’t trust them blindly. What we see online or what others tell us just part of the truth. 
When we conduct a Product-Market Fit Validation & Pilot we want the whole picture. Only when we fully understand your target groups, the customer journeys along with the various touch points as well as market dynamics, we are confident to deliver the value you need.

This is why we will be spending a lot of time on the ground, in your store and with your customers. We are proud to say that we are the only company that spends as much time on the ground as behind our laptops.

Ultimately you receive a full business case with actionable deployment steps.

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