Is the new target market really suitable for our product and our business goals?

Validating the target market is the first step you take towards expansion.
We make sure you don’t miss out on considering relevant
questions, sources and metrics.

We leverage intelligent market research solutions and standardizes,
proven analysis frameworks to build the foundation for an unbiased and
efficient market validation.



Examples of Key Questions


  • Which markets are most promising to expand into?
  • How big is the potential target market?
  • What is the state of the industry?
  • Who are our key competitors and what are their market shares?
  • Who are our industry’s key opinion leaders?
  • What are the trends that will possibly have influence our product’s growth projection?

Examples of Research Tasks


  • Define key metrics and assess multiple countries and their markets.
  • Research the internet for PR and industry specific news outlets, online and offline.
  • Analyze the industry and competitor landscape.
  • Read industry reports.
  • Identify potential entry barriers.
  • Monitor the market and observe trends.

Examples of Challenges


  • No time and budget for extensive manual research.
  • Human research is naturally biased.
  • Billions of relevant online datapoints to scour.
  • Important sources are in local language that need translation.
  • No knowledge of the relevant sources such as platforms (XING vs. LinkedIn), industry-specific newsletters or local newspapers.

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