for a sustainable future

We help companies at different expansion stages succeed by offering tailored services, including expert task execution, guidance, and project management on their expansion journey.

Expansion Management

We provide you with actionable recommendations of specific marketing activities that we can pursue in the market to build stronger engagement and drive competitive advantage relative to current in-market competition relevant to the market rollout.

Market Starter

Is it an organic product you would like to launch in the organic market or defining your right sales strategy for your sustainable consumer good we assist you to accelerate and de-risk the process.

Target market validation

By using customer Co-Creations and Acceptance Tests we validate channels and route to markets, effectively speeding up and reducing the risks associated with your journey to reach your customers.


With our partner we develop strong communication concepts, fitting the right channels to reach your target group. Social Media support and PR matchmaking are a part of the ongoing services we provide our clients with.

Sales Support

With an excellent sales and distribution network, we make sure to address the most effective channels for your target customers and generate leads.

Sales growth and implementation

Together with you we develop the right sales concept and provide you with the tools to identify and validate the suitable sales channels. We analyse the entire market, including the country's retail universe and consumer buying behaviours. Our support includes implementing your product in the market with sales-ready materials and meeting all legal German requirements.

Distribution Support

We put our feet on the ground. Literally. We proved that this approach to market entry is state-of-the-art. We cover operational sales work, lead generation, location scouting and controlling. We support pre-negotiations with wholesalers, attend partner meetings and take care of product sample sendings. We make sure you receive the reports that are needed for the next profound sales growth decisions.

Continuous optimization

Your product is starting to gain traction in the market but the market is not standing still. We keep a close eye on the developments and provide you with actionable recommendations of specific marketing activities that can pursue in the market to build stronger engagement and drive competitive advantage. If a customer needs extra assistance selling your product, we are there, too.

Organic Product Expansion

We offer expert guidance to navigate the complexities of the German organic market, facilitating the expansion of your organic products to Germany. Understanding market trends and cooperation with the right partners is vital for success. If you have an organic D2C or white label product, we ensure compliance with organic standards and support optimising your operations . Our tailored projects, supported by experts and partners, ensure a seamless market entry for your organic products.

Service packages

We understand that each business is unique, and we offer customised solutions to match your specific stage and requirements in your German Market entry. Our customised services span from social media support, content creation, store checks finding the right PR agency to assisting with legal entity setup in Germany. We act as your feet on the ground, helping wherever you need us within Germany.