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The mission that drives us

We empower sustainable brands, driven by purpose and impact, to succeed. Our goal is to make sustainable and conscious consumer goods accessible to the majority of consumers. is a versatile Project Agency that conceptualizes and delivers customized projects. With a wide range of capabilities and expertise, we provide comprehensive project management services and effective solutions to maximize impact. Our specialization lies in introducing products to the German market and enhancing sales. We are your dedicated partner in achieving positive impact.

Sustainable growth

We want to have a positive influence, be it internally, at the customer's or even our entire future. It is not for nothing that we have the ".eco" in our name. We believe that future orientation in terms of sustainability is the minimum requirement for successful long-term expansion.

The Sustainable Development Report says it best:
"Decoupling economic growth from resource use is one of the most critical and complex challenges facing humanity today. Doing so effectively will require policies that create a conducive environment for such change, social and physical infrastructure and markets, and a profound transformation of business practices along global value chains."

Sustainable Development Report 2023



We are interdisciplinary thinkers and doers
with an analytical-strategic and entrepreneurial-pragmatic mindset.

Annabelle Chief of Everything
Vanessa Organic Expert
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Strong partner

With our extensive network of expert and like-minded partners,
we guarantee comprehensive coverage for every aspect of your expansion.
Our efficient collaborators bring in valuable know-how to ensure the best outcomes.