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Our program is designed in two subsequent action blocks: the Product-Culture Fit validation and the actual Expansion Pilot. Both will serve to lay the foundation for your market entry strategy. This way, your strategy is not just an abstract document but actually tangible. This is why we will be spending a lot of time on the ground, in your store and with your customers. We are proud to say that we are the only company that spends as much time on the ground as behind our laptops.

We Are Your Feet on The Ground!

We believe that future orientation in terms of sustainability is the minimum requirement for successful long-term expansion. With our unique approach, we are beating the odds of international expansion for impact brands. Our specialization are FMCG brands aiming to scale their business internationally, with a focus on the German market.

Our Services

We turn oldschool market research into progressive market action.

Product Culture Fit

Your eyes on the market to ensure the best entry for your product or service.

Marketing Strategy

Your finger on the pulse of your target market, doing the strategic thinking for you to maximise return on your marketing budget.

Expansion Pilot

A hand to hold as the journey starts, your guide for your first steps into the target market.

Feet on the Ground

We are where you need to be, your department on the ground for all your needs.

Case Studies Case Studies

Our Clients

We’ve Worked With Amazing Companies

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Our clients are purpose-driven businesses that look further than profits. In order to understand if we want to work for a business, we use the B Corporation principles as a yard stick. But a business does not have to be certified B Corp in order to become our customer, however it should be or stay in business for the same reasons.

Our Blog

Keep Track Of The Latest News, Insights and Studies

When to export again? Now!

Now that some countries are emerging from the three months of pause caused by the virus, there are some very good reasons to dust off those export plans and take advantage of circumstances to accelerate the export journey so as to reap the benefits.

Germans are switching to a plant-based diet and becoming “Flexitarians”

Corona has had a severe impact on people's lives and their shopping and eating habits. More and more consumers are doing fine without meat: They reach for vegan substitute products or put vegetables on the grill.
Corner shops are run by locals and give a sense of community to the neighbourhood.

The return of the corner shop – a personal account

What we know as “Spätis” and “Tante Emma Läden” in Germany are known as ‘corner shops’ in the UK.´s Feet on the Ground in the UK John shares his view on why Covid-19 has brought on a trend of supporting local small business owners. “Pop down the shop for some fish fingers. And take the dog!”

By working with us, we can reach your goals in a short distance.