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When to export again? Now!

Back at the beginning of this year, when “corona” meant a summer beer drunk with a slice of lime, forward-looking excellent companies may well have been considering exporting to increase their sales and profits.

Now that some countries are emerging from the three months of pause caused by the virus, there are some very good reasons to dust off those export plans and take advantage of circumstances to accelerate the export journey so as to reap the benefits. In this blog review, we consider a few of those.


Reasons to be cheerful (and export)

Growth in sales and profits – the most obvious and best reason to export is to widen the market for goods and services. Just as we have discussed in other blog entries, consumers are returning to the market place, with pent up need and extra purchasing power after twelve weeks of being locked down at home. Export markets can generate extra sales and profits leading to real growth as the economies pick up around Europe.

Lower unit cost – as sales increase, so the cost per unit of production decreases. There may need to be tweaks made in the product to fit local tastes and regulations and obviously packaging may need to be translated but the increased sales can boost production meaning lower costs per unit. 

New life, new creativity – entering or growing new markets can breathe a motivating, exciting breath of fresh air into many companies. 20% of companies who export record up to 70% growth in the first two years and can then invest that growth into new products or services to suit a wider market.

Beyond Business – many forward-looking companies are driven by more than just profits, wanting to make a difference and to have an impact on our emerging world. The wider the market they serve, the greater the impact they can have. Also, many foreign markets such as Germany and the Netherlands are more advanced in their commitment to ecological, sustainable values, so exporting there can make a greater difference . 

Whatever the benefits -including potential government grants to assist with some setup costs- those with the courage, vision and drive to export may well see a faster return to positive numbers in the months ahead. After the difficult period of the lockdown, we have the option to be positive take action again. 


And now about us…

Our mission is simple: we´d like to help you make better decisions in bringing your products and services to market for more successful businesses, and happier customers.

Why better decisions? 80% of businesses fail at growing. Be it startups that scale, seasoned companies that launch new products or that decide to enter new markets. Growing a business is and has been a challenging process full of bias. This does not have to be your story! 

Let’s learn from the past to create the future.

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