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Changing the way of international expansion

Our work is never the same but we also have one goal: help our clients to increase their impact. It is our imperative to help impact-driven businesses to become the new normal sooner than later as they are a driving force when it comes to envisioning our future. In...

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Payment methods in Germany: choose wisely!

Choosing the right payment methods in Germany for your online business is a noteworthy success factor in your international expansion. Understand the local payment culture and you will be sure to not lose clients over practicalities. Germany is slower in adopting new...

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How Expansion Intelligence Fuels Your International Rollout Plan

If you are convinced that the international rollout of your company is the next step to achieve further growth for your company, you probably are aware that you are facing a complex and risky endeavor. Whether you already have set up an expert team or consider teaming up with local partners, you will have to prepare well.

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Mega Trend Sustainability: How We Create Value in the Future

There are at least two overarching definitions of business purpose.

One is reflected in Milton Friedman’s statement that a business’ sole purpose is to generate profit for shareholders.

The other is reflected in the new movement of purpose-driven businesses that are changing the common understanding of business purpose rapidly.

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Fact Scan #6 The Confirmation Trap in Revenue Planning (Part 2/2)

Last week we illustrated why and how to avoid the confirmation trap in market research. We explained that the confirmation trap can easily lead to an overestimation of the market size and that you can avoid it by testing two contrary hypothesis. This will enable you to take on a more neutral position, the key to good market research.

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Fact Scan #5 The Confirmation Trap in Market Research (Part 1/2)

In this article, we will illustrate how do avoid the trap once you are considering to expand and do the first step: market research. Before you decide to enter a specific market, make sure to conduct thorough market research in the target country. The question you want to answer at this stage is “Is Germany (or any other country)…

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Fact Scan #4: Germans Hate Uncertainty

It is known that Germans assure good quality and always strive for perfection. Certainly, this is also expected from the people they do business with. In terms of working affairs and their customer behavior Germans can be very specific compared to other European countries.

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Is Technology the Key to a Green Economy?

Improving resource efficiency as a contribution to sustainable development and a green economy is one of the most important challenges society is facing today. A challenge especially technology takes on because it opens up an important perspective to deal with scarce...

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Fact Scan #3: Most Germans speak little or no English

Anyone who has seen the funny clip about a German coastguard talking to a man on a sinking ship via microphone knows it contains the truth. If you haven’t, take 40 seconds to watch it now: That was more than 10 years ago....

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Event: Kickstart your Business in Germany

Expanding your business geographically into new markets can be a promising way to grow impact. There are enormous opportunities such as gaining new customers and broadening your product or service range. Do not get frustrated by trial and errors…

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5 Steps to Market Your Sustainable Brand

Marketers know that if you want to sell your product successfully, you have to understand your customer. When it comes to the ethical consumer, marketers are facing a special challenge because oftentimes, they are confusingly contradictory. Sociologists discovered the...

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The Challenge of Sustainability in Business

This is the summary of our 5-piece series that elaborated on different perspectives of creating strategic impact. The goal behind implementing sustainability in business is to contribute and give back to the society they affect and on which they depend at the same...

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